CSR Information

Through CSR activities, Kanto Aircraft Instrument Co. Ltd. strives to value and respect our customers, shareholders, employees, and stakeholders to contribute to the sustainable development of society.


Kanto Aircraft Instrument recognizes that compliance is one of the top management priorities. We conduct business in compliance with domestic and international laws, internal regulations, and corporate ethics.

Our promotion structure

Kanto Aircraft Instrument has promoted company-wide compliance through the discussion of measures at our Compliance and Risk Management Committee under the direct supervision of the president.

Compliance training

A variety of compliance training sessions have been provided to educate employees with the goal of preventing violations of laws and raising awareness among employees.

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Information security

Kanto Aircraft Instrument believes it is essential to secure the confidentiality of information assets to maintain a trusting relationship with customers and carry out policy measures based on security requirements of customers and the security measures published by the IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan).

Our promotion structure

The Compliance and Risk Management Committee discusses security measures and sets security levels to ensure thorough information security.

Information security training

With the goal of preventing personal information leaks and security breaches, as well as raising awareness among employees, we provide education on information security to all employees to confirm the prohibitions related to security protection.

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Our quality

Kanto Aircraft Instrument devotes itself to Quality First and Customer Orientation. Based on these beliefs, we engage in quality manufacturing activities focused on the goal of reliable manufacturing to meet the expectation of trust by our customers.

Under the slogan of delivering reliable manufacturing to meet the expectation of trust by our customers, we promptly introduced quality management system standards in compliance with JIS Q 9001 to ensure reliable implementation of quality assurance (certified in 1998).

With the ultimate goal of ensuring the highest standards of quality and product integrity, we work continuously with top management to bring in improvements to deliver satisfaction to our customers.

At present, Kanto Aircraft Instrument has acquired the JIS Q 9100:2016 Quality Management System certification. All members of the company are united to actively promote and further enhance the quality of our products.

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