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Authorized to sell Acutronic products into the MEMS industry

Testing and inspection equipment for MEMS manufactured by ACUTRONICUSA Inc.

Kanto Aircraft Instrument offers ACUTRONIC USA's testing tables necessary for testing the MEMS device, inertial sensor, inertial system, and inertial measuring instrument, in addition to technical consultation services for the construction of testing systems and peripheral equipment. ACUTRONIC USA Inc. is a system house for the electromechanical motion platform, offering reliable solutions across the entire life cycle of products to a wide range of customers from the private sector to the defense sector.

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Inspection system for acceleration sensors, gyro sensors and inertial sensors

The one-axis angular vibration table 105-AVT is a versatile angular vibration table (AVT) designed for table testing of MEMS devices, inertial sensors, and electromechanical devices. Compared to a straight-line vibration generator, the structure of the AVT is a rotating component equivalent to a vibration component.

  • [Product image]: 105-AVT

The one-axis rate table series AC1120S, on the other hand, has been designed and optimized for testing inertial equipment, inertial measuring instruments, and MEMS sensors. With the built-in 30-line or 24-line (optional) slip rings, it is capable of running continuously, which is ideal for development, production, process inspection, calibration, and final inspection. In addition, by combining a temperature chamber, it allows for testing that simulates environmental conditions. When used horizontally, the system can be used for testing accelerometers and rollover detection sensors.

  • [Product image]: AC1120S

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Authoraized Repair Shop of Acutronic USA Inc.,

We strive for Acutronic USA's high precision and high reliability to offer maintenance services in response to the trust of our customers.

  • [Product image]: 3-axis Flight Motion Simulator(Electric type)
  • [Product image]: 3-axis Flight Motion Simulator(Hydraulic type)
  • [Product image]: 3-axis Motion Table
  • [Product image]: 5-axis Flight Motion Simulator(Hydraulic type)
  • [Product image]: ACUTROL3000(Controller)

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Besides the above, we also offer other types of equipment used for inspecting MEMS devices and inertial sensors.

・Acutronic USA Inc. (http://www.acutronic.com/us/)

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